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Recruitment and Training in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Program

This training  program can  help you gain appropriate knowledge and practical skills in order to apply for the position of recruitment  / career  coordinator for the biopharmaceutical industry.  Upon completion of this  program and after passing on-line final exams you will receive, by mail, a diploma stating your new qualifications.

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Recruitment and Training in the Biopharmaceutical Industry Program

Course Outline


Session 1 What does the Biopharmaceutical 
industry do? What kind of employers is this 
industry comprised of? 

Session 2 What kind of specialists does the 
Biopharmaceutical industry need?

Session 3 What is a recruitment service....?

Session 4 Who are CRAs, QAs, CDMs, Recruiters 
and Management & Marketing specialists and what 
do they do?

Session 5 Why are there not enough CRAs, QAs, 
CDMs, Recruiters and Management & Marketing 
specialists on the market and why is it 
important to train the new specialists out of 
other professions with the right educational 

Session 6 Who can train CRA, QA, DM and MM ? How 
valid is this certification? 

Session 7 What is the importance of the 

Session 8 Role of the Internet in the industry 
and training. Why this training could and should 
be entirely web. based?

Session 9 How can the problem of absence of 
experience be resolved by enrolling trainees 
into different practical projects? What should 
those projects concern?

Session 10 Why recruiter can not guarantee the 
job for his candidate?

Session 11 What is the role of the Database 
like BioRole in successfull interviewing 

Session 12 What are the scholarship options for 
this kind of training?

Session 13 Why it is important for a recruiter 
to follow up with the candidate until he 
completes the training and practice?

Session 14 How much better is the candidate's 
marketability after the training and practice? 

Session 15 How recruitment services should be 
promoted among the key industry players?

Session 16 What is important about references in 
the Biopharmaceutical industry? 

Session 17 What is special about international 

Session 18 How to read a resume in 10 seconds or 

Session 19 How sample companies: BioRole and Kriger Research 
Center are reshaping the job market for this 

 Session 20 Why sample companies: BioRole and Kriger Research are  good for job seekers?

Session 21 Why
sample companies: BioRole and Kriger Research are  good for employers? 
Answer the question: 

Session 22 Why
sample companies: BioRole and Kriger Research are good for other 

Session 23 How strong their impact on the 
industry is in a long perspective?

Session 24 What is the global mission of these two
sample companies companies?

Session 25 Why it is recommended to work for  recruitment companies? 

Session 26 Please read the following passages 
from BioRole SOP-s.